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Our Expertise

Your Day wedding officiant service provides you with a passionate, caring, personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your distinct personality and character. Whether you plan to have a solemn and serious service in a cathedral, or a fun time on a rooftop, Rev. Rob Schenck will work closely with you to get it just right.
Traditional Prayer Book Ceremony

Building on the beloved Book of Common Prayer, where so much of historic English wedding language originated, Dr. Schenck will build a long or short adapted version tailor-made for you. You can retain the poetic verse of the classic 1928 edition, including,

"I take thee to be . . ." or, opt for the 1979 edition with its updated forms. You choose which elements to keep and which to discard. Fee: $385 - $500, depending on how much customization must be done.

Contemporary Christian Ceremonies
Peace of Mind Back-Up

There are a myriad of existing contemporary wedding ceremonies you can choose from, depending on your tastes, or, Dr. Schenck will create one for you. While all are distinctly Christian, some have stronger religious elements to them, and others are more subtle. You make the choice. Fees range from $385-$1000, depending on how many hours of work must be done to create just the service you want.

Your wedding day is, well, Your Day, and you want to be sure it goes exactly as you  have planned. While Dr. Schenck has never missed a scheduled wedding service in 30 years, he knows you may want the peace of mind that comes with an assurance that nothing--not even a medical emergency--could cause a problem. To give you exactly that peace of mind, Your Day offers a special Back-Up option: For a fee of $50, Your Day will arrange for an equally qualified clergy officiant to be fully briefed on your ceremony and placed on guaranteed stand-by in case of the highly unlikely event of an emergency involving your primary officiant. Just indicate you want the "Back-Up" option when you schedule your ceremony!

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