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Your Day wedding officiant service provides you with a passionate, caring, personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your distinct personality and character. Whether you plan to have a solemn and serious service in a cathedral, or a fun time on a rooftop, Rev. Rob Schenck will work closely with you to get it just right.
Basic Tailored Ceremony
Beginning at $525.
Elaborate Custom Ceremony
Beginning at $875+ 
Elopement $225 - $275

In keeping with his philosophy that your wedding day is, indeed, Your Day,

Dr. Schenck works with you to customize one of two standard ceremony templates to create a ceremony that reflects your style and preferences. This is the most efficient and economical way to craft a service that lives up to your dreams for this Big Moment!

After an initial complimentary phone or video conversation, should you decide to retain Dr. Schenck, he'll ask you to sign an Agreement Form and secure your date with a non-refundable $125 deposit. After that, he'll collect detailed information from you via a questionnaire, and then send you two sample ceremonies to review. Once you select the one you like, he'll schedule a one-hour online work session to carefully shape the ceremony just for you. 

Dr. Schenck always arrives at your wedding site one hour before your start time to walk through your site, inspect legal paperwork, and make arrangements with your photographer and sound tech. Following the ceremony, he'll file your paperwork and give you any follow-up instructions via email. All-in-all, the process from start to finish takes about two weeks, depending on how accessible everyone is to each other. 

You may want to design an utterly unique ceremony experience. Dr. Schenck will work with you from scratch to create a completely tailor-made program reflecting what you imagine for Your Very Special Moment on Your Very Special Day. 

Creating unique ceremony programs requires intense, extended work periods and maximum client-officiant access. Expect to meet often, communicate regularly, and pay a premium fee for this level of attention.


The framework for Elaborate Custom Ceremonies follows the same pattern as the Basic Tailored Ceremony but with many additional hours, email correspondence, and draft revisions. It also requires additional contact hours with other service providers, such as planners, coordinators and venue representatives.  

Your circumstances or preferences may mean you'll have a less elaborate or even urgent weekday daytime ceremony.

Dr. Schenck is ready and experienced in bringing a meaningful, dignified, and memorable dimension to your elopement.


Whether at your home, in the courthouse, or in another location, Dr. Schenck will provide the formality, beauty, and spirituality that make a wedding unique, no matter where it takes place.


Fees range from $225 for a tailored standard ceremony at the officiant's location or select courthouses to $275 at your location within 20 miles of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.


Elopement services are available most Wednesdays through Fridays, 10 AM to

4 PM.    

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